Tanbridge School

education facility

New build teaching and science blocks.









Mechanical and electrical services to education facility.



This project was completed in September 2016.

Project Details

  • Complete installation of pre-designed M&E services to two new build teaching blocks, as expansion to existing secondary school. One general teaching block and one science block
  • Before M&E works commenced on site, major diversions of existing services including below ground gas, water, LV distribution and private street lighting was required to allow piling and foundations to be installed 
  • Full replacement of main LV panel for the site, due to the school expansion and no spare capacity within the existing. This required a bespoke LV panel to be manufactured to fit within the existing switch room and a shutdown carried out over the Easter bank holiday weekend to complete the works and ensure testing complete to allow the school to re-open for exams after the bank holiday. Liaison with the local network operator was necessary to carry out the disconnections and re-energising of the metering system. A temporary generator was installed on site to maintain the essential services during this period, installed and disconnected by TBS team
  • Upgrade of BMS head end to interface new model of controllers and maintain communication with existing out of date equipment. All carried out whilst maintaining full functionality and control of existing heating plant throughout the winter months 
  • A new cold water booster was installed within the basement plantroom to allow for the additional capacity, this was ordered in kit form and built up in position whilst being carried out over a school holiday. Works were completed and a complete system commissioned, treated and tested ready for the school return
  • Installation of new site-wide gas infrastructure to serve new buildings, this included liaison with the local gas authority to upgrade the incoming gas main due to increased load on the system
  • BMS network, data and fire alarm cabling routed through existing live building out of hours to integrate with existing systems seamlessly. All works including the removal of ceiling and cleaning after works carried out by TBS to ensure the school could re-open after the weekend
  • General M&E installations within the blocks included a new boiler/plantroom to each block comprising of LTHW heating system, direct fired hot water heater and new BMS control panels. LV distribution, small power and data networks installed throughout. Gas installation for the science block including gas safe systems, ventilation systems and underfloor heating
  • Liaison with the West Sussex County Council AV specialist to ensure the cable routing and infrastructure in floors and walls installed as per requirements not detailed by design team