Coral Reef Bracknell
Coral Reef Bracknell

Coral Reef

leisure centre

Part refurbishment (approx. 80%) of an existing leisure centre with pre-designed M&E services. Isolation of M&E services to allow strip out whilst allowing the client to maintain existing plant for swimming pool. We undertook a complete validation of existing M&E services, including a specialist BMS system to determine condition of existing areas to remain functional whilst construction works took place.









We carried out a £2.4m electrical and mechanical services upgrade as part of the refurbishment of this leisure centre.



We worked efficiently and quickly on this partial refurbishment project.



This project was completed in September 2017.

Project Details

  • Refurbishment of main reception, changing areas, cafeteria and main pool hall with a new flume tower constructed.
  • Removal of existing and replacement of main AHUs to serve ductwork for new pool hall, as well as AHU replacement of existing
    cafeteria service installation. This required detailed management and close review of engineering and positioning with the specified
    manufacturer ‘Dantherm’ on a high value package, to achieve the timeline and engineering requirements of this project.
  • Upgrade of BMS head end to interface new model of controllers and maintain communication with existing out of date equipment. All
    carried out whilst maintaining full functionality and control of existing heating plant throughout the winter months.
  • Installation of new site-wide gas infrastructure to serve new buildings, this included liaison with the local gas authority to upgrade the
    incoming gas main due to increased load on the system.
  • Mechanical services inclusive of; LTHW heating pipework, domestic water services pipework, ventilation systems, external RWP
    systems, HVAC systems to cafeteria, which required high degree of co-ordination to fit with existing building structure roof space.
  • New purpose built plantroom installation to new flume tower building serving new gas boilers and AHU plant for flume tower.
  • Specialist ductwork installed to flume tower and pool hall using high quality materials and work processes to ensure the installation is
    capable of longevity within a poolside environment.
  • Installation of specialist fabric ductwork system, rising up the flume tower stairwell in unison with the stair tread and structure,
    coordinating with flumes and providing not only a working system, but a visual spectacle.
  • Full refurbishment of existing main LV panel to upgrade main ACB protective incomer and outgoing MCCBs, controlled shutdown to
    enable removal.
  • Electrical services inclusive of new BMS system to interlink with existing graphics and work alongside legacy plant controls, new fire
    alarm system, PAVA system, lighting and controls, intruder alarm and CCTV.
  • Specialist multi-purpose containment selected for pool environments, along with bracketry and fixings.
  • Installation of all cabling for flume tower control and launch systems.
  • Re-commissioning of existing systems on completion following 18 month shut down, ensuring all plant was operational and fit for public
  • Installation of cable containment systems suitable to withstand a poolside environment, whilst maintaining a high level of workmanship to provide and aesthetically pleasing appearance, as on show within the public domain.
  • Specialist architectural lighting installed in various areas of the project to provide a wash of colour to ceilings and surfaces, with user controls and interfaces installed and commissioned.
Coral Reef Bracknell
Coral Reef Bracknell